for Your


Chemical Peel

A supportive home skin care regime should be used to prep your skin for 10-14 days before your first treatment and proper care after is very important to maximize the results. Often times a patch test is done during the consultation to test for skin sensitivity. Following the treatment proper home care will enhance the results in the same way that having peels can improve product penetration. They work together to obtain the best results.

To prepare for your chemical peel, some general instructions include:

Although chemical peels can benefit just about all skin types and concerns there are some contraindications, such as:

Side Effects

Side effects of a chemical peel are generally mild. However, additional side effects may be:


One of the key steps in prepering for your waxing session is exfoliation. We recommend gently exfoliating the targeted area a day or two before your appointment. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells. This not only ensures a smoother waxing process, but also reduces discomfort.

You can exfoliate using a gentle exfoliating scrub or even using a wash cloth with soap. While in the shower or bath, gently massage the area in circular motions.

Teeth Whitening

No brushing or flossing 4-6 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Help sensitivity by drinking as much water as possible 24 hours before your teeth whitening appointment.