Chemical peeling has been practiced by physicians and skin care professionals for decades, to rejuvenate damaged and aging skin. This method relies on the skin’s ability to repair itself after injury. Consistent damage to the epidermis, however, may lead to more serious side effects. SWiCH™ takes advantage of the skin’s natural repair mechanism, to help restore skin’s optimum appearance, without injury to the skin.

SWiCH™ works to help the body generate its own cellular energy, safely replenishing healthy components of the skin without inflicting damage. This revolutionary treatment is refreshing and painless, and leaves the skin looking luminous and firmer with an even, balanced skin tone.

This treatment is know to have oil balancing properties and is a good fit for anyone who is battling acne.


Is SWICH™ safe?
When performed on the appropriate candidate, it is very safe and does not burn the skin, as traditional peel treatments can. SWiCH™ is a leave-on system. The active ingredients remain to provide longevity in repair and restoration. The client uses special home care for three days. Treatments may be repeated at monthly intervals for 6 to 12 months for maximum cumulative effects.

Does this treatment cause peeling?
A warm sensation may be experienced during the treatment for about sixty seconds. Most
clients experience little or no peeling. Some red- ness may result which subsides in a few hours.
It is important to follow the instructions on the home care kit provided after the
treatment. Follow the skincare directions before and after a SWiCH™ treatment.

Can I continue to use Retin-A®/Renova®?
You will discontinue use of retinol products 14 days prior to treatment, and follow the recommendations to extend and enhance your results.

How often is a treatment performed?
Every four- to- six weeks, for 6-12 sessions. 

Can I return to work or apply makeup?
You will continue to use the after-care cleanser and cream for three days after SWiCH. Makeup may be applied the day after treatment. Eye makeup and lipstick may be worn immediately.

Is there special care after treatment?
Yes, you will be given products to take home and recommendations for daily use between treatments. Follow the directions for desired results.

Who should not use SWiCH™?
SWiCH™ should not be used by anyone who is pregnant, nursing, or allergic to aspirin
or salicylates. Cancer patients may not receive SWiCH. You will discontinue use of any products containing Vitamin A for 14 days prior to treatment and will not use Vitamin A for one month afterward.
Ask if SWiCH™ is right for you.