Artisan is a high frequency micro-current (HFMC) device that tightens skin by using heat to trigger hydrolysis, a breakdown of the collagen fiber.  This triggers a repair cycle in which  the body builds newer, stronger collagen fibers.

The artisan can be used on the body, as well. You can do skin tightening or a combination of skin tightening and fat shrinking. For "fat shrinking", a different hand piece is used triggering thermolipolysis, a process that "melts" adipose (fat) tissue.

It takes the body time to build collagen so, although you may see some instant results, you will see optimal results 2-3 months after your treatment!

Face, Neck & Decollete | $300 | 90 min

Arms | $300 | 90 min

Abdomen | $400 | 2 hrs

Back | $400 | 2 hrs

Thighs | $400 | 2 hrs

Butt Lift | $400 | 2 hrs

Lip Flip | $40 | 20 min